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A unique approach to hot stones

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"Every massage is unique relative to time and space, simply art created by hands" - Luciano Diaz LMT, CMLDT, RM

"Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am I." -Osho

Thank you for your time

In my eyes, how I see and approach bodywork is art that can be expressed with touch. A touch with purpose and intention, beyond what your body feels. What is it happening to our bodies when we receive a massage? The body reacts to chemical changes with movement and manipulation of soft tissue and fluids. Increasing oxygen levels,  alkalizing the bloodstream, enhancing your metabolism and digestive system. Inflammation of the body is an indication that we have an injury, muscle fibers can lose elasticity and become stiff creating pain and discomfort. 

Above all, massage feels great!. The best way to describe in my own words is "massage with intention, is the absolute most powerful health benefit that your body can experience thru touch".  Your largest organ in the body is the skin. You allow me as a massage therapist to work with your needs, pains, and aches. Results for every individual may vary,  due to day to day activities, eating habits and not enough massage. As we age our body needs more help to keep feeling at our best young and flexible. Over time, bodywork can achieve successful outcomes that no other profession can, we can be the only ones that can dedicate up to two hours targeting a tension area were you need it most. All therapy sessions are designed to best help you recover from an injury, or simply unwind your mind, and escape your daily exhausting routine.

Make you feel younger, relaxed and flexible is my personal goal. Tension spots in your muscles to be a problem of the past.  Melting stress levels and reconnecting with your body, bringing awareness. Work to release trouble areas is what I do best.

Graduated from American Institute in 2009, now with over 8,000 clinical hours. Having learned four main modalities that created the foundations of how I represent massage, in my unique approach. With a never-ending dedication and continuing education and research, I  combine over 10 different modalities for outcomes that are effective and targeted. I'm honored and thank all my mentors that have shown me the way, to be humble, passionate, professional and an expert in my craft and in massage tradition a true healer.

Luciano is a member of ABMP ( Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional ) 

Luciano is a member of AMTA ( American Massage Therapy Association )

Luciano is a member of NAMI ( National Alliance on Mental Illness ) 

Luciano is a member of  LE&RN ( Lymphatic Education & Research Network) 

Luciano is a member of IARP ( International Association of Reiki Professionals) 

Massage and Bodywork Therapy License: 18KT00638600